Finding the right gifts can be an exhausting process that tends to use up all of your time and money. Here are a few hacks to help you put the fun back in holiday gift-giving, and make your presents the center of attention at your holiday party.

Secret Santa. One of the greatest, and easiest, gift-giving traditions is the Secret Santa. Have everyone in your family put their names into a hat and have each member remove one name. You can either have everybody send the whole family their wish list, or see just how much your family knows each other. You should also be sure to set a limit, usually between $50-100.

The Best Advice You Ever Got. We all know people who are just getting started, starting over, or even just going through struggles in their lives. Sometimes the best gift you could give to someone in this situation is some good advice or kind words of support. Think about something that has gotten you through some hard times – a book you read, a tape you’ve heard or even a conference you attended – and try giving that gift to someone who really needs it.

Frame a personal, heartfelt letter.  Think about how many times people have said that the personal note in the card is even better than the gift itself. Personal sentiment can go a lot farther than you’d think. Try writing a well-worded, thought out letter telling someone what makes them so special to you and put that into a nice frame for them to keep for years to come.

Keep a gift drawer. Don’t just wait to do all your Christmas shopping when December rolls around. Gather up items that you think people will want throughout the year and keep them in a safe place until it’s time to gift them out. This will help you to get the presents that people actually want and need, rather than forgetting and just getting them whatever is on the shelves later on.

Pre-Shop for Next Christmas This Year. After-Holiday prices are some of the best deals throughout the year. This includes decorations, gift wrap, and even toys! Rather than waiting until prices go back up, take advantage of these prices and start putting presents away for next Christmas season.

Give Your Time. Throughout the year, your time tends to get overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, leaving you with very little time to spend with your family and friends. Take this holiday season as an opportunity to give your loved ones the gift they want the most, you. Give your friends a bit of your time, even if it’s just helping them out around the house or giving them a ride to the airport.