While there are hundreds of ways to rejuvenate yourself, here is a quick list of 5 rejuvenating hacks that will snap you out of the snooze mode in 5 to 15 minutes, refreshing you for the rest of the day.

Rejuvenate in 15 Minutes or Less

  1. Go for a walk. When you start feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, get up from your desk and take a little walk. Whether you walk through a park, or around busy city streets, walking is a great way to clear your head and leave yourself refreshed and ready to get back to work
  2. Play games. Games are an excellent way for you to take yourself away from the things that stress you out and pull your focus toward something else. Games like Solitaire, Othello, Sudoku, or even games like Temple Run on your Smartphone are good examples. You can even go outside and play some basketball or throw a ball around for a bit. The most important part is that you find a quick game that you enjoy so that you can get back to work refreshed.
  3. Pray/Meditate. Meditation is an amazing way to take a step back from stress and relax for a moment. Just take a moment to relax, clear your head of stressful thoughts and do your best to focus on taking slow, deliberate breaths. Some find it helpful to include relaxing music during meditation. You’ll find that meditation is a great way to pull yourself back together and give yourself a new, refreshed perspective.
  4. Take naps. Taking a short nap, or even just closing your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes can help you to regain your strength give yourself a bit more motivation to finish up strong for the rest of the day.
  5. Listen to music. Music can have a substantial effect on mood and brain patterns. By listening to the right music throughout the day you could make yourself more relaxed, more productive or just more enthusiastic in your daily routine.
  6. Drink a glass of water. A recent study from Tufts University found that mild dehydration, even losing a minuscule percentage of water could impair your thinking. Simply drinking one extra glass of water each day could substantially improve your mood and reduce fatigue.